Eyes Closed


Sitting on cement
steps – those I
climb to reach a
library –

I sit, close my eyes
to see a stranger’s face
looking back –

Knew – I never
knew you
or had you
known me.
Are you dead –
did you die?
Talking to me
your eyes opened
as if you were
deep inside
my mind –
Why did I study
your face?
My eyes –
opened – closed
opened – closed
my eyes blinking

seeing the same
face – staring at me.
Were you sending
me a message?

Or – perhaps sending
a message to another?

Opened – closed
opened – closed
no way to take
your face away.
Why am I playing
your game?
Others climb
these steps and yet
I sit –
I have never
seen your face –
a  stranger, your eyes closed –

Will you haunt
me now –
Or return to haunt me
in a dream?
I’ve never seen
your face again.
Perhaps – you felt
all alone in heaven?

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