Every Day The Same


Always alone;

No one to care;
No one to talk to;
With no one to share.

Sure, God is there;
But it’s not always the same;
Companionship is on most people’s brain.
But no one can understand,
When every day is the same.

No transportation;
No one around;
No friends or family;
Loving arms to surround.

No one to laugh with you;
Share your stupid jokes;
No one to wrestle with;
No one to poke.

Just ignorant neighbors;
Not interested in you;
Of what you have to say;
To busy to notice;
To be interested in you.

Hard for others to understand;
How another’s life is so strained and so bland;
Alone and boring;

Thank God for phones, for Internet friends.
But it’s all so lame;
When every day is the same.

Deprivational stress;
Hard to explain;
A lack of everything;
With no one to blame;
Not fun, that’s for sure;
When every day is the same.

So what is there for you,
When there’s nothing to do?
No one there?
No one who cares?

Will life ever change?
Will someone ever care?
When every day is the same,
With no one to share?

Doesn’t matter;
Life still goes on;
Every day is the same;
From this point on.

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