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England, You are a Bard’s Delight and Flame

For Her Majesty Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee

England, you are a Bard’s delight and flame

When at break of the morning glorious light
We stand on the shores of the river Thames
With our hearts set firmly on what is right
You know us by our proper ancient names
As English Speaking Peoples of the Earth
The race of Albion of the fairest isles
Knights and Dames, under one Crown’s royal breath
Sailing on the river Time across trials.

England, I praise the Queen of English soul
Her majesty, Elizabeth by God’s –
…Grace our Monarch, she who makes of us… whole
Regardless of the ties of ancient bloods.

England, you are a Monarchy, steel cast
Excalibur’s heritage cut in stone
House of Windsor, may your banner fly, last
Know what wind may be, the Crown’s not alone
Like Stonehenge it spans Time’s odd divide
Princely youths to Druids of yesteryear
A mystery to be drunk before the Ride
Of hunters and tales of yore we hold dear.

England, I cast my Spell, praise to the Queen!
Her diamonds enlighten a path forwards
Across the bridge of what is dim, unseen
A fog that divides us from other herds.

May God bless the Queen, and keep her for us
Preserve her and her line till Avalon—
…emerges from the mists at the End Mass
And our Lord rides out on a White Stallion.
Saint Linhart of Noblac I call you near
For Venus passes across the Sun’s face
Saint John the Baptist I invoke you here
For the hour’s late, and the world’s chaos.

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