Emotional Waves

Hokusai - The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Hokusai – The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Time ticks by air and space is wide.
While a melody plays I sigh.
My heart feels heavy.

Emotions they come and go and come and go
In waves.
Ravenous burning.
It’s gone way beyond yearning,
my finger tips itch
as they scale across the mindless sea.

Blue scaleless Oceans I endure,
I chant slowly…
Take me Take me Take me.

Shaking now.
A desire to reach the furthest places,
and spaces within one’s mentality…

Yet, only they enfold into a pure reality.
My senses seem to escape me.
So readily plunging towards an end …

The end.
Until, quite hastily
I reach the edge.

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