Elixir of Destruction


Elixir of Destruction

Elixir of Destruction

True humility, the cream of life!
Evil pride, the elixir of destruction!

Intellect deaden
Spring forth the beauty of humility true
In the heart-driven
On the long journey to glory.

Permission to allow this truth in true humility
Silence, oh, falsehood of pride and arrogant arrogance.

Earth, play down your pride
And creatures
Let submission to the earth
Be evidently profound.

Submission, oh, true
Humility, so precious and dear
To conquer and defeat
Are a weapon at your disposal!

Of what substances are there
That are beyond the substances not shown?
Oh, humility, gracious submission;
Pride and arrogance, to no avail.

Craftiness, not a door to be opened
And enter not
But the bringing down of the flesh
And the intelligence and brilliance, silence
Meekness is lifted to the heavens!

In the belly of humility, oh, substantial
The craftiness of the intelligence
Is made bare
And the soul and spirit,
The doors of humility and submission
Find protection.

Door to self-glory, be shut
The keys not be found in the heart of self-defeat
Not to the request of glorious glory;
For the flesh has no role to play.

Say not
That this is beautiful and pleasant
Beauty and pleasantries
Are locked out.

Humility, yea, submission
These, do not beseech nor speak;
Deeds are their tentacles,
They crawl and their violence
Is silence.

Pride, stupidity, hearken not to
These designs,
But to the loftiness
Humility, submission;
Honour most cherished!

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