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To Keep Egypt Safe

A prayer to Saint Kathérine of Alexandria

Saint Kathérine, please keep safe your homeland

For all of us, and from our worst impulse

For we are weak as a race, stay our hand

So that we do not destroy in a pulse –

…of anger, that which forty centuries –

…of sand and time preserved for the whole world

For when pushed – we men become as furies

But when rage wastes, tears from acts flow unfurled…

For when Egypt burns, the whole of Earth mourns

She is our cradle, her lament – our thorns

For when the Nile is in pain drenched in blood

We turn to the sky, watch the tears of God

The black soil of the greatest of all lands

Has seen enough carnage, it needs love’s hands…

Saint Kathérine, martyred virgin, hear us

We watch the land of the pyramids blaze

Powerless to stop the destruction mass

As Seth spreads his ire-dark malignant ways

Bloodletting the land we share in common

Killing the children who guard memory

In the house of the Sphinx and of Ammon

Kathérine, the Pharos ask you: hurry.

Of Ancient Alexandria Kathérine

Saint of the broken wheel, of the unseen

Hold us back from ourselves, save your nation

Tame the hearts on fire with Nile’s tears elation

You alone can keep sands of hate at bay

Saint Kathérine, to you I plead today…

January 30, 2011 – Konrad Tademar

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