Educated Plaster


Note: Free Verse is normally read by the reader and adopted by their imagination. In this case, I wanted to make a statement. Where was I? I was the object cemented into place, holding the paper, squeezing it, told I would never walk again – as men surrounded me building a new world with wider doors, larger rooms, a place where I no longer needed legs to carry me since doctors told me I would never walk again. I surprised them, all the medical men. To see me today you would never have known I was sitting, thinking I was lost in another world, a world where I had to learn to live all over again. I jotted down these words while my mind scrambled to find a place to start again. I never stopped; I only took off stronger than before filled with determination to make a difference.


Educated Plaster
Educated – not
by choice
sounds – drilling holes
into plaster.

Robbed – by innocence –
A sheet of clean
white paper squeezed
it into a ball –
it is now garbage.

Educated – encouraging self –
left alone you disappear
a candle neglected
a surface left with
deep – roots – burns.

Re-educate the failure?
Foundations crack –
block by block
cemented into place.

Without strength – foundations
crumble as plaster
beneath papered walls.

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