Eclipse of the Soccer Sun



Between the glitterati of the opening ceremony
of the world cup kick off,
and the bulldozers razing homes to the ground
from the slums to be evicted,
the age of consent for consensual sex is lowered.

The ball shot too high above the bar,
leaves the stadium ignoring the roars
of thousands of fans from galleries filled to the brim,
and the camera flashes,
to strike a tree outside the stadium
shattering hearths of birds,
quarter million birds,
usurped to fend for themselves from handouts
from soccer fans
alighting from the high pedestals of airplanes.

The brave warriors in yellow uniforms crashed out
injuring the spine of the economy,
fractured social vertebrae healed wrongly
in the plaster of soccer extravaganza
all the Viagra in the world couldn’t
pump some fresh life into it.

NOTE: This poem is about the loss of Brazil soccer team in the world cup final and a reflection on the social-political scene in that nation where is a simmering protest against this sporting extravaganza. This declares its solidarity with the unfortunate and helpless souls who have been rendered homeless due to the evictions from slums. This poem incorporates the politics of protest.



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