Earth And Sky


I love you the way earth meets sky,

a burgundy sunset with silhouettes
of trees reaching for the evening star.

You gave me two pearls in an abalone shell,
and held me while the waves moved in and out
around our bodies.

You taught me to hold still in the ebb and flow,
that breathing was the same
and giving and receiving was the same.

Just be still and listen.

You whispered secrets in the glade,
you sent warmth running down my legs
into my feet and into the earth.

What proof do I need?

Don’t I realize that our eyes
are only open
when we’re asleep?

Maria Costello – January 30, 2012

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  1. Avatar of Maria Costello
    Maria Costello says

    I LOVE the picture you chose to illustrate the poem, Angie! Beautiful! Thank you!! xox

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