Dying Emotion


Dying Emotion

Dying Emotion

The feeling is dwindling,
Love is travelling with it on a long vacation into dwindling;
It should not and never dwindle,
You made the vow of no dwindle
In the absence of nothing dwindling,
But is the dwindling, dwindling?

In the presence of everything and something
Once beautiful a love
Is disappearing from the breakfast table.

To love is a right,
A right to be claimed
In the very fullness of it.

Love me,
Let it sparkle
And quench the forbidden errors
That is causing the decline.
Love me!

Love me,
This was your promise,
Which you should not allow now to slide.
You promised it to me,
Can I have it back, the dying emotion?

Do not take the right away
For it is the only meaningful right
That makes any sense;
It is a claim,
My claim!
Yes, my claim, my love.

Love me,
Spread it all over me
In the absence of nothing
And in the presence of everything
And something, this ever undying love.

Its decline and slide
Are pains that can never find any cure
But in love itself.

Love me,
Please, do not take it away
From the breakfast table;
Let it be on the lunch table and be extended
To the super table.

Love me,
Create me with it
And do not let it die;
It built us, it transported us and we lived in it;
Should we not continue with it?

Love me!

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