If you get sad and lonely,
your heart dry and gone to seed,
don’t try to find a woman,
a duck is what you need.

A duck won’t say you’re lazy,
won’t call you a disgrace,
won’t laugh when you get naked,
at least not to your face.

A duck don’t like to argue,
won’t mope around and cry,
won’t pitch a total hissy fit,
then whack you in the eye.

A duck won’t hog the covers,
won’t tell you that you snore,
make you leave your shoes outside,
or lock the bedroom door.

If you need a bosom buddy,
a duck will be right by your side.
Just ignore the laughter,
when you take him for a ride.

All these things I’ve told you,
are true, not just a hunch,
and if it ever aggravates you,
you can serve it up for lunch.

  1. Avatar of Eileen Browne
    Eileen Browne says

    I’m a fan of your work. Kudos.

  2. Avatar of Giusi Mastronelli
    Giusi Mastronelli says

    Brilliant and funny.

    1. Avatar of curmudgeon
      curmudgeon says

      Thanks Glusi Mastronelli. 🙂

  3. Avatar of curmudgeon
    curmudgeon says

    Thanks Eileen Browne, and Glusi Mastronelli. 🙂

  4. Avatar of curmudgeon
    curmudgeon says

    Sorry for the misspelled name. Giusi.
    I really am. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Mother Nature taught you well. Your poem beautiful yet deceiving is much like the world around us. I’m a fan, as well.

    1. Avatar of curmudgeon
      curmudgeon says

      Thanks so much Joyce White. I’m honored.

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