Don’t Forget The Ashtrays


Don't Forget The Ashtrays

Don’t Forget The Ashtrays

Open the door. . . let in some air
Don’t you think that it’s kind of stale–in here?
Open the windows. . . clear out the smoke
Someone in here–
Is sure to choke.

Clear out the garbage. . . empty the sewage
Demand retribution for the crimes you have suffered.
For I am the dragon. . .
And I will eat the living. . .
I will never die. . . as long as you all reproduce.

Gnaw away at the idiots
They are the reason for the stale air
Kill the killers
And rest assured:
The demons will appear to tear you apart.

Open the bloody, oozing, bursting door
Let in some fresh, creative, energetic, vital. . . air
Don’t you think it’s about time?
Don’t you think we have had enough?
Don’t you think we are all tired of the smog?

Clear out the room
We need some life in here
And while you’re at it:
Don’t forget about the ashtrays,
They’re filled with what’s left of our civilization.

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