Dizzy Wings


Dizzy Wings

Dizzy Wings

Birds herald
the coming of Spring
as one big group
headlong they go
upward spinning in circles
of marvelous flight.

Escaping the earth
in a sudden rush
freeing themselves
on a single breath
offering their company
to the grateful wind
spent ruffling through
outstretched reach
of longing feather tips
synchronized in timing.

Chaos in harmony
swooping low
reaching high
and back again
bubbling over in bursts of joy
trying with happy might
to dip a dizzy wing
into the golden sun
and with every note
of their raspy song
mocking good-naturedly
our clumsy
only human
stubborn earthbound
rather silly feet

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  1. Avatar of Michelle
    Michelle says

    Great poem. I like the comparison of the birds dizzy wings and human stubborn earthbound feet. I remember this poem now and the lake, I recalled it from the title. You have a beautiful gift in your writing! Can’t wait to read more of your poems!

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