Did You Forget?


Did You Forget?

Did You Forget?

Did you forget
That I exist
Or are you
Still harboring resentments?

Because that is
What you do
Drinking your whiskey
Bourbon scotch oh
Well who are
You talking to
About my life?

Who do you
Think helped save
Your life, that
One night It
Was me, me
It’s always been
Me now you
Stand like a fig
Tree not beside
Me nor near
Me you skipped me
Skipped loving me
Completely and stories
Of lies are told

One day it
Will all unfold
That I have her
Ashes, ashes to
Ashes dust to
Dust it is
You that I
Really don’t trust
With anything in
My life because
Of your spite.

Jekyll and Hyde
Bonnie and Clyde
Thelma and Louise
Were at least
Somewhat tight not
Us I have tried
You denied me
The right to
Try to show
My life to
You and be true
To being family
You, you, you
Forgot about me
I never ever
Will forget you.

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