From the Depths of my Soul


So many battles I can fight

I can live but once
Never be an old man playing the games of the youth
So many stars I count at night
I can live not twice
I know I`ll have to pay the price
Only once the earth is my home
If I had to return I would not come
True love is won through the heart
One step in a thousand my journey will start
Seize the day
I won`t let it slip away

River of life is shaped like a snake
Deadmen never come alive at their wake
Ancient warrior of the past
From the fires of hell you are free at last
In time I will tell you my story
But in my cell I see no glory
Oldmen at the rivers` end
Waiting for a man God promised to send
These are thoughts from the depths of my soul
From the pains of my youth I go
These are the words I wrote in a dark past
I am like a bird … I fly free at last

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