Dedicated To My Mom


I’m Your Mother
I’m Your Mother Listen to Me

I’m your mother listen to what I tell you to do

I’m your mother this is what I think of you

Each day you get up and you go to school

A perfect student who follows every rule

You always listen to whatever I say that’s true

Sometimes too well and you need to speak out and let the world hear you

Smart and yet quiet and keeps to yourself

Never making waves and hiding behind others like an elf

Wearing what I tell you to and never quarreling or caring

I guess being over weight you sister’s clothes you won’t be sharing

I know that you do not like the way you look all the time

Being over weight dear child is really not such a crime

Listen to your mother I know what’s best for you

Choosing your friends and who you stay with will improve your life so true

Friends that are respectful and smart in school like you

Are the only ones acceptable I telling you what to do

You need to always remember I have your best interests at heart

So never question anything I say and things will work from the start

Like what College to go to and what career I chose for you to pursue

Teaching is the only one I truly think will work for you.

Throughout JHS you strove to be the best at the violin and more

Making sure that no one took your first chair or your wrath for him or her was in store.

I know that you never liked to speak up in class you see

But, 7th grade your teacher said she will or my name is not Mr. Lee

He taught you to express yourself and let your voice be heard

Of course you understood that respectfully was the key word

To making you known to others and to speaking your mind to them

Letting people know you have an opinion and that you are a precious gem

So, listen to your mother’s words even though I am not able to express them anymore

Listen to your heart and you will hear what I would say ever more

I am still here but silent at times and for that you know the cause

Alzheimer’s has taken away my voice but I speak though yours.


Your mother: Ruth Swerdloff

Listen to your mother and hear her voice and you will always know what to do and what is right for you!

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