Dancing Water


Dancing Water

Dancing Water

My personal view
from a pool where
children play – and
water dances before
a storm.

Cellophane water crinkles
gray plastic water splatters
where tiny feet dance –
toes pointed – touching cement –
lightly, chasing raindrops and 
mothers never rest.

Bra loose – unhooked, breathe easier –
mother nature changes sunshine into a storm
a rainstorm has stopped a world of peacefulness.
Stress, two Valium – hooked, gathering the children,
today was to be a pleasant day until the raindrops
formed into giant pellets of ice pounding on

children pulled by mothers from the pool,
wrapped in towels – as hail bounces on cement,

Thunder clashes as lightning flashes, trees
swaying, and little toes, pointed –
splash, step, splash on cellophane crinkles.
White light – dancing water
smaller pellets drop softly on plastic.

Beauty was stolen by the wind
peacefulness brought to a halt as summer’s
colors turn to grey and children run

with plastic bubbles around their waist.
A fog appears in the distant sky, a clearing
as unreliable as plastic wrap.
One more pill, before the gates are locked –

Children wave goodbye to their day
bare feet splash in puddles, towels drag
a flash of light, thunder, their teeth clench
hands cover ears –

cellophane sky slipped in our way
where children came to play.

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