Dancing Girls


The eternal war
Of sea against shore,
Raged on-
Holding no quarter.
Earth and stone, grinding away,
Blood and bone, decadent decay.
Dancing Girls-
Sharing secrets, flesh against flesh.
As the girls danced-
Under the bright moonlight,
They were something to behold-
Oh, they were a sight.
Dancing Girls-
Holding each other tight.
Throwing care to the wind,
Dancing past the waltz’s end.
Onlookers stop and stare-
Oh, how they gossip and drool,
Whisperers a knife in their back,
How can people be so cruel.
But the girls
Just kept on dancing on-
Not caring to ever look back,
Forever entwined, beauty untouched.
They shared their passion with the crescendo-
Of the wind, and the sea, with the moon, and the stars,
The musicians recognized their beauty-
And they joined in with their guitars.
The crowd of people thinned out,
And very soon, they were gone.
Leaving the girls alone-
Alone in their trance,
Alone to their dance-
As the eternal war
Of sea against shore,
Raged on.

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  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Kelly, fine shaped verse! You might check out “Easter Wings” by the great Metaphysical poet of the 17th century George Herbert.

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