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sadness - Daily Routine

A stillness in the morning;
Before the rampage of tweets;
Before the awakening of life;
Before the starting of cars.

Awake, I lay in my bed;
From the sleepless night before;
From the darkness that never consumed me;
From the mind too busy for slumber.

I see the light appear;
Something of a new day?
Something of a sign?
Something of a mockery?

The heart within me, beaten;
Too many dead days;
Too many idle glances;
Too many times of turbulence.

Ruffles of a new day start;
The birds in song;
The people, awakened;
The pollution beginning.

Still I lay in silence;
Far from love and lust;
Far from redemption and retribution;
Far from life itself.

Alone for solitary moments;
So known is rejection;
So volatile is continuing;
So painful is each day.

Rapping at my door, a new day;
“Today will be better;
Today I will smile;
Today I will forget.”

The lies I tell myself;
For comfort;
For good;
For continuation.

The grey uniform encloses me;
It does not suffocate me;
It will not kill me;
It does not define me.

But I feel tight-chested;
Because my thoughts are smothering;
Because my heart is nervous;
Because my yearning is hungry.

On this Friday, like any other;
I will lie again;
I will fake smiles again;
I will die a little more… again.

  1. Avatar of MistyAllen
    MistyAllen says

    WOW!! I love this!! A “grey uniform,”
    Such a great description for the mundane things of life! I really felt your sincerity and anguish. I absolutely enjoyed the background imagery and sounds! This was very well written! Looking forward to see more of your stuff!

    1. Avatar of Nicholas Thompson
      Nicholas Thompson says

      Thanks so much, Misty! I am looking forward to posting more! This has been more of a success than I ever imagined!

  2. Avatar of Daphne Shapiro
    Daphne Shapiro says

    Dear Nicholas, you write well, especially for your tender age.

    It might be good idea to read it aloud before finishing your poem.
    Example: Awake, I lay in my bed; From the sleepless night before;
    While it’s easy to understand what you mean by that, it doesn’t make sense grammatically, and the more often you read this sentence, the weirder it gets.

    1. Avatar of Nicholas Thompson
      Nicholas Thompson says

      I don’t see the grammar error, I am sorry.

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