Cowboys of New York



They carry the food and
They ride bicycles
They are the worker bees of
Manhattan’s food industry.

On sturdy bicycles they deliver
Food across this great city
Most of them speak little English
and they will go out in any weather condition.

They are busiest when the weather conditions are the worst
as New York apartment dwellers burrow in
On steel horses, they ride saddlebags
filled with the foods of all nations.

They don’t complain and are grateful for the tips they get
Bikes chained to trees and fences and grates of the city
They are invisible but ever-present
Dodging traffic like NASCAR stars.

In this city where home delivery of goods and services
reigns supreme the bicycle man is the cowboy of the city.
His horse his bike his range The streets of Manhattan
Be they cold hot rainy snowy traffic-choked they ride and ride.

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  1. Avatar of Judy Markova
    Judy Markova says

    Great poem.
    You must profoundly love your city of New York to be able to highlight this particular side of it.

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