I’m not being facetious

Quote I’m not as deep as you think I am unquote
That’s when the phone went dead
when I thought the damn TV was busted
but it just wasn’t plugged in
So to figure it all out
I grabbed my cigarettes and coffee
and sat on the cold porch steps
I blew smoke at the birds and leaves
and hid from the neighbors
with the dust and spiders and cat hair
because gross things have answers
They don’t scare me
We are all fragile people, I said
to the bricks in the wall
(they listen better than cowards)
We are all hurting
and just want to feel better
That’s what it all boils down to
The proof is in the pudding
I almost felt proud of myself
I almost thought you could hear me
I wanted to write you a letter and tell you
But you already know
that you’re different from cowards
You have your little metal airplane
pinned to your chest
For courage

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