Copper Pennies



Copper Pennies

Do you recall searching for 
a penny – heads up? 
As children, we knew 
a penny staring at us 
would bring us luck

I wanted to share all
my pennies – spread
some luck – around
baron ground.

So – one Sunday
morning I stopped
by an empty field,
Inside one of my pockets I
shoved a handful
of pennies.

I opened the window
of my car and I
tossed copper pennies
into the air – I
watched as they
flipped and flopped then landed
on vacant land near a
few tiger lilies – brightly
colored orange near dried up
brown earth and scattered

I said to myself as if someone heard,
“Come, find a
penny, it may be
heads up – and
bring your sadness
a little bit of luck.”

I returned to the
spot and stopped my car. Pressed a
button – my car door
unlocked, and I
stood by the side
of the road where I
once tossed pennies – now I
began to toss seeds of
wildflowers – knowing
beneath the earth those
pennies remained from
long ago.

multiplied – took
over the wide-open field,
and I noticed a homeless man, he
kept bending over, brought a bit of luck
to him walking near the railroad tracks
where copper pennies flew.

Every now and then I pass this plot now filled
with wildflowers of
every color, and I
wonder – how many
copper pennies still
rest among the
flowers? How many
homeless who walk near
those tracks have found a penny,
heads up? I can still see
those copper pennies
flying from my car window,
now covered with natures
own beauty.

In my mind, I left a mark
where nature forgot to
plant its’ own seeds.
And I was told how silly it
had been for me to toss copper
pennies onto baron land – today when
I see a homeless man near the railroad
track – I manage to say hello, it’s not a
copper penny that I share but a warm coat –
he may sleep among the flowers…

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