Congress Park 1880’s


Congress Park

Saratoga Springs
NY 1800’s

come, smile
look at me
you, with a parasol
held high above
your head –
such white skin

get closer,
no curves in
your spine, or
elsewhere on
your person –

sitting so straight
occupying wooden
chairs – scattered
along a path,
chairs of spindle –
match your back

cross over,
I’m relaxing,
with my leg’s
crossed, back
straight –
staring at you
while I suck – my

all of you carry
parasols – sexy,
beautiful, but alone.

  1. RHPolitz says

    My how times have changed…!

    And 100 years later, Marylou Whitney had the Casino building air conditioned so her August guests would be comfortable at her private party. Meanwhile, Cornelius was enjoying driving his garden tractor and mowing the grass between the garages and the railroad tracks on Geyser Road while muttering grumbles that she had spent $25,000 for the lights around the pool just so her Christmas party at Cady Hill would be “satisfactory”.

  2. RHPolitz says

    I should have also mentioned Nancy that I enjoyed your poem very much.

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