Confusion in Grace


I am confusion

illusion, grace challenged

perplexed in situations 

I face feeling like

that of Job,

foundation flipped total 

360 as Matrix 

Reloaded, time ticks

mind unsettled for 

the site of

the sight I 

see, ruffled as

pringle potato chips

confusion is grace

I have been

told now how 

will my life

story unravel, unbreak,

shooken upside down

how shall confusion

and grace’s story

yet unfold? Nebakaneezer’s

evil knocked on 

my door, nearly

dropped to the

floor don’t dare

question God’s validity

I tell myself 

each day a 

remolding of a new

home I pray 

in the midst I 

kneel and pray

as I live 

a life of an

underground man, not

knowing the hour,

time nor next 

command; I await

God’s lessons of

approval, space within

these walls of

my soul I

find no peace

for she took

it from me

random words upon

random dreams I

have now seen

the unseen, sittting

in its Ungodly

vision lacking the

knowledge of how 

to move on

I still walk, 

visioning grace in

chaos, humility somewhere

sometime someday

someway, the rocks

of my very

foundation will hence

find their way

back; rebuilt again

within the Berlin

Walls of a 

confusions conscious cave.

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