Compared To You


Compared To You Wandering
suspended in vacuum.

Your absence
my abstinenceCompared
impossible to see or meet.

Trying to rationalize,
bring into perspective
what’s keeping us together.

What’s forcing us
still closer
against all odds

Reason would assume
a decrease of passion
over time.

Nothing tangible
would indicate
as to how and why.

Not purely physical
this intense,
never waning bond.


As a bolt of lightning
it struck me…
it’s YOU!

It’s YOU

It’s YOU
whose sweetness
makes me like putty in your handsCompared
to be shaped to your imagination.

It’s YOU
whose sensuality
makes me hanging on
to my self-confidence.

It’s YOU
whose intelligence
keeps me from straying
and keep my reason.

It’s YOU
whose spontaneity
keeps me from becoming
a manic depressive.

It’s YOU
who makes me come
in the most complete of fashions
over and over again…

Me, on the other hand,
I find it hard to reciprocate.

Except maybe,
to promise you
I will spoil you rotten
when we’ll be together.

Such inadequacy
compared to YOU…

  1. Jeanie says

    This is so refreshing! Such a unique style. Never read anything like it.
    Do you have more material? Don’t keep it from us, please.

  2. Francesca Visalli says

    OMG, Angie! Talking about matters of the heart!
    You have such a special gift.

  3. paula shene says

    Wow – yeah, I know, I use that word a lot but it certainly is the only one I can think of to cover a piece that covers it all…more, please

    1. Angie says

      Thank you my sweet friends, for these unexpected and kind words!

  4. Cinnamon Harley says

    I have never read anything from you, Angie, but I must compliment you on this piece! It’s simply magnificent and very authentic. Love your head.
    Best wishes,

  5. Ami Rosenthal says

    Simply awesome!
    What inspired you to write this? And how to write it?
    I’ll be watching you, that’s for sure!

    Love your magazine too! You are SOMETHING else!

  6. andrea anderson says

    I love it!

    1. Angelica Pastorelli says

      Oh, Andrea, that’s so nice of you!
      I forgot about having written it altogether 🙂

  7. Brandon Jones says

    First two words-theclash of the two homophones, that’s what caught my eye but what sustained my interest was the brilliantly infested ebulience of each subsequent lyrical line.

  8. Angelica Pastorelli says

    Glad you liked it.
    Just a small eruption of words that unfold before my very eyes, seemingly without having any control over it – did I write that?

  9. Twiggy Schmidt says

    Very intimate. Makes one wonder about many things…

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