Myztico Campo

Let words do
what lips cannot
flow into us
warm as milk
our mouths the petals
of a child.

Let the heart see
what eyes merely perceive
the heart is a golden angel
asters entwined
in her robe of jewels.

Who am I to contemplate
mysteries of soul
where we really go
at night
who am I
to understand.

But of these words
I give to you
a message of song
from the hollow
of a maiden conch shell.

  1. theresa says

    ohhh… so beautiful and mysterious at the same time! This is the first of your poems i have read and lokkk forward to more.

  2. MR. J says

    Very ontological and metaphysical motif. I dig the arrangement, it adds a rhythmic cadence to the prose.

  3. Maria Costello says

    So sorry I didn’t see your wonderful comments until now. Thank you so much for your feedback! 🙂

  4. Andrew JSacks says

    Lovely and memorable work, Maria.

  5. Maria Costello says

    Thank you, Andrew!

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