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The Colors of the World


The Colors Of The World

The colors of the world blend so beautifully I see
There are browns, yellows, and whites, pinks that could be you or me
The colors of the world can come from people’s faces
They are what we think creates each other’s different races

Our hearts, souls, and feelings the kindness that we show
That’s what makes our colors shine and forever   glow
The people that we meet and say hello to every day
The importance of the good mornings and hellos, given in our own special way

Our different colored clothing, our different colored shoes
Our many different viewpoints and our many different views
Makes us really special because our opinions really count
We talk and have discussions and our ideas build up and mount

The colors of our surroundings the trees with their multicolored leaves
Are so beautiful to look at when we walk on cool autumn eves
The yellows, browns, greens, and oranges so brightly shining through
Do not want to fall away and let winter’s dismal cold face wish autumn a fond adieu

The colors of a rainbow are so beautiful after a summer’s rain
The colors of stained glass windows are magnificent and not plain
The purples, reds, blues, and greens blend so nicely, and when
We see the many images that are within each pain and then

We can smile at the thought of the magnificence of the world in which we live and more
The mountains and the treetops with snow-covered caps sparkling in the snow galore
The colors of the world are what makes the world so great
Only one would make it hard to appreciate what God did create.

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