The Coin Of Life

Dedicated to Ryan N. – a fellow Christian

I walk the tightrope of a third existence

Offering to chance no choice, no resistance

The wind tosses me to the left, to the right

With my left eye darkness, with the other light

Universalism – he suggested, how true

But I cannot force the way, point of view

The world is not the world – I smile at the sun

Oh twilight realms, if only all was one

Flip a coin, you’ll see, the path is binary

Yet the trine comes calling to set us all free

Like Saint Philomena’s bones from a pale past

Or the dreams of Euhemerus, in hard thoughts cast

The maiden Truth is a door, we must evolve

For existence is a puzzle we must solve

Revelation is a key by time unveiled

Hear the song of the past, for the ship has sailed

And to Theseus it owes no fidelity

The ancient future stars yearn to set us free

Some dislike the continuum of life, how quaint

Each man is a door, each soul a possible saint

“I am the Truth” a test without precedent

Should the coin land on its side, is it well spent?

October 1, 2010 – Konrad Tademar

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  1. Cyrien McCallister says

    “The world is not the world” – how true.

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