It is Christmas


glorious season, It is Christmas
It is Christmas, o, beautiful, glorious Christmas,
It is the season, the beautiful, glorious season,
Oh, it is Christmas; again, again and agaiglorious season, It is Christmasn,
Christ; again, again and again, if mankind would be,
It will be Christmas, the sensational day of joy,
Where evils are relegated and happiness finds a-rejoicing,
O, Christ, she is here, she is here; joyousness is here.

It does not come every day
And it will never come every second,
Christmas, she comes every year;
It is another year and she is here,
She is here, she is here; Christ so beautiful is here.

O, it is a glorious, wonderful Christmas;
She is wearing a full gown of white snow
And there is cold and flakes here, everywhere,
She is here, she is; Christ so wonderful is here.

Inside the home is warm,
The gas is emitting heat,
And I just made loveglorious season, It is Christmas to an angel
Under my warm duvet;
The angel says she loves me,
She is here, she is here; Christ so magnificent is here.

What love can be any better than
The love of Christmas, the graciousness we share,
We should share, should we forget?
Where flakes of snow replace showers of rain
And the sun finds rest in the heaven;
The stars shine upon the earth
Waiting and waiting and waiting?
She is here, she is here; o, good Christ is here.

And indeed, it is Christmas, a wonderful season of the year,
The love of the angel for me is real and true;
Christmas is real and true, for evils stop today,
She is here, she is here; Christ so gracious is here.

It is Christmas, oh, beautiful, glorious Christmas,
It is the season, the beautiful, glorious season,
Oh, it is Christmas; the weather is dry and airy yonder,
She is here, she is; good Christ ever has been here.

The children are everywhere,
Playing, dancing and running about everywhere;
They are expectant; they will be visiting friends and family,
There will be plenty of food and plenty of new clothes,
She is here, she is here, o, Christ so generous is here.

There are tears; tears of joy,
Tears of Christmas; tears of the season
Tears of giving and tears of receiving
Oh, tears that the season is only for a short time;
The flakes and snow will soon be disappearing into the heaven,
The dry, airy harmattan will soon be graced by the earth.
She is here, she here, Christ so sorrowful is here.
When will you be here again, Christmas?
When will you be here again grand season?
Christmas and season of freedom
Of things that are glorious and good
Where angels are everywhere
And seasons are united in the celebration
Of the season, a season of love, cold, warmth
Glories and amen?
She is here, she is; o, Christ whose season
Has never been far from us, grand love, we neglect.

Doors are locked, eyes on the windows,
Smiles on the lips, Christmas cannot be any better;
The world is yawning and it is time for a good sleep,
A good rest and a good Christmas and the memory of the seasonglorious season, It is Christmas,
She is here, she is here, Christ, o, Christ so peaceful is here.

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