Christmas Poems


Christmas Poems
Christmas In Danielsville

Christmas Poems

Tall snowdrifts like winter mountains, as If arranged by hand
Blocking my view of the landscape around my brothers’ land
Still, there is no silence, as my nephew comes from behind
And hits me with a snowball, is he out of his mind?

In the face, I take It, as I fall, shocked by the cold
He is only seven, and very very bold!
I try at once to chase him, but fall on my knees
At once I beg for him to stop, as I utter please

At that very moment, he falls back on his tush
I grab a giant ball of snow, but It turns to mush
Suddenly my younger brother appears at the door
As my emboldened nephew pelts me once more

That First Christmas Eve
Was that first Christmas Eve, a cold bitter night
When our saviour came down wrapped as a man
With the weight of the world within his sight

His mighty angels watching over the land
Visitors travelled from a distant place
To see the Saviour with arms so wide
Outstretched to welcome a fallen race

Our sins and faults so often denied
A king, yet humble, who taught us much
Revealed to man his divine plan
Divine and human, with a common touch

A gift for all time spread through the land
Winter Fantasy
Some experts say winter makes us sad
Days are shorter, sunlight not as bright

But there is a truism, I might add
Despite short days, I love the night
To watch the moon reflect through trees
And count footprints in newly fallen snow

Feeling a chill with each passing breeze
Imagining I was playing down below
Feeling silky snow beneath my feet
Making tracks anyone can follow

Shaking the snow off as I cross the street
This is someone’s dream, I thought I’d borrow

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