Children Learn From Others


Children Learn From Others

Children Learn From Others

A child learns strength from its Mother,
For a Mother’s love never quavers,
It grows abundantly, never-ending.

A Father’s love is guiding,
Aiding one much in discernment, loyalty, and respect,
It shows a splendor of forms, mostly tranquil.

A friend’s love aids in compassion,
Compassion is listening and generosity.
A friend’s love is loyal, honest, and headstrong.

A child learns of these qualities at a young age,
For the strength and guidance of others,
Teaches a child the principles to maintain.

A child learns to love even the unlovable,
For it was the parents and peers who guided the child’s character,
It was those surrounding the child,
It was the grace of others, their poise, and manner,
That could guide a child,
Guide a child to be a leader amongst others, to persevere

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  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Meg, thank you for the fine work, full of human wisdom through experience.

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