Changes Take a Little Bit of Time


Changes take a
little bit of
time to unwind
detach let go
try not to
rewind and replay
the tapes that
held you back
for so long
like a country
songwriter singing his
heart out change
occurs and happens
we fall, fall
walk, run, leap
and smash to
the very ground
floor where God
God is there
and picks us
up yet again
saying,” Hey there
my dear friend.
I am sorry
you have fallen
once again it
is part of
life’s flight and
fight. I will
be there each
time just cry,
shout, belllow, scream
I will reach
out my hand
to you as
the footprints, I
never go very
far from you
I hear you
I see you
I am with
you, today; always.” Love, God

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