Center of My Being


Center of My Being

Center of My Being

You are with me, within
the center of my being –
We fly among seagulls,

wings flutter as if they too
hear a slower beat inside
my chest – my eyes close,
but together I see you 
a vision above me.
Our souls meet as they did in life – to

reach a space – different
from where I have been
and where I am going.
Fingertips – like a tip
of a seagull’s wing, touch

light – we leave earth together,
no longer focusing on this life, as I
recalled whispers by others
when earth fell away from my body

away from life on earth – to touch
a light beyond a familiar blue
sky – where seagulls fly.
You are the center of my being;

who has filled years with happiness,
who found new roads for us to travel,
unlike those roads –  I stretch my arm to
cling to your fingertips; not
the tip of a seagull’s wing.
We drift beyond the heat
of our sun, away from the sand
of our earth.
Moisture no longer on our skin.

Then – earth claims me – once more
my lungs expand with air – you knew –
I heard voices in the darkness of sleep
Now I left you, to feel the heat of our sun,
cold of night,
I lost love twice.

In my heart, I feel you and know
you are here, your power exists.

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