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Carved Faces


You have made your mark on
nature, skipped by rocks – now
pebbles – kicked scattered patches
0f leaves; yesterday’s autumn;
coated white as drops of snow
fall to earth to warm bare sticks
and a naked ground.

You were teased by boulders,
fresh streams – trickle toward
a mighty river, and you see familiar
faces etched by hands while shadows
carve deep lines at high noon.

Snow was scarce, until a
gentle brush from a broader
frame electrified flakes of white,
a shadow rests gently on a human
face – told of magic inside a
white castle.

I know you still hear the cries
from wolves – which creates
havoc in silence – I see your legs
continue to fight imaginary rock –
as if a tree top bent to kiss my brow –
limbs frozen, stretched over unforeseen

The world is still as I recall life near
A white castle, remembering a marble
Statue – greeting me. Remembering
a cold stare.
At the highest point of the castle, a
force so powerful, I could not resist,
you had much to give but I had much
to learn – how a man’s heart craves.

You have fared many maidens in a
Still forest where flakes of snow leave
A private path – yet you remain alone,
As your power fails within a castle with
Shutters closed, darkness left you blind

Your face scares the wolf – I have watched
you on a winter path searching to
touch pebbles, kick fluffy white snow
and stare at the sky and let flakes
dance on your face – do you
recall a gentle warmth outside
a castle near streams filtering
toward a mighty river?

Carved lines on rock – faces
of those who traveled here never disappear.


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