Bust In The Garden


Bust In The Garden

Bust In The Garden

I’m stuck here in the garden,
I watch the flowers come and go.
I wish they’d turn me just a bit,
so I could see another show.

It seems they have abandoned me.
I don’t care much for that.
The sun is getting awfully hot.
They could at least give me a hat.

But looking on the brighter side,
just being fair and square.
Although I’ll always be a bust,
I’ll save a ton on underwear.

  1. Avatar of yvonne becker
    yvonne becker says

    This verse, written from the P.O.V. of the bust, confined in the garden, has a touch of humor, but also sends out a melancholy message of being subjected the elements of Nature. The intense heat from the sun , without even a hat to shade his face, reveals a human side.

  2. Avatar of Steve Howard
    Steve Howard says

    Thanks a bunch Yvonne Becker for up your kind and insightful comments.

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