Build a Nest


Build a Nest

Build a Nest

How simple to build
a nest – live through
rain, storms, hail –
to hear thunderclap
while the maker of your
home protects – her young
beneath her wings –

Trouble-free and simple
to be liberated –
to follow one another –
to sing –
to flutter, flying all day long.

We stare from a different
Are we free?
Did your nest wrap
branches around your
bony legs and are you
free to fly away from your
mansion, cottage, or farm?

Has a twig covered you –
leaving knots on the inside?
Do you fear tomorrow?
May a storm be brewing,
do you hear thunder rattle after
lightening strikes?

Perhaps tomorrow – you
may feel free enough to fly?
Perhaps tomorrow – you
will build yourself another
nest. . .

  1. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    I like this very much. I believe we could learn a lot from animals. Whales and dolphins have no need of clothes, houses or money, yet they have family groups, communicate, and experience emotions. Why do we, of all living things, strive for the unattainable?

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Your comment is so wonderful – we are all living things, correct and some reach for greater goals and are able to obtain more then humans – wiser, braver, and unafraid of consequences. Do humans have this inner fear planted inside that animals have not? Do they have such bravery that covers up the fear in time of need? They become stronger – and they tend to survive. Thank you so much for your words. You have stirred more thought into this piece. Always, Nancy

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