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“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” – 1 John 4: 18

Shattered am I; unable to gather the pieces of my existence. With eyes wide open that cannot see; I’ve lost my identity. I need someone to rescue me.

Overwhelmed by life; its pressures weigh heavy on my heart. It’s beating, yet I can’t seem to breathe. So I sparingly take a breath or two for some relief.

As I approach my bedroom dresser there’s a reflection in the mirror, who’s that stranger? There’s a face, I don’t recognize, staring back at me.

An open wound am I, emotionally bleeding on the inside. Exposed to those with eyes to see, I retreat within trying to hide from me.

I open my mouth but there is no sound coming out. Am I going insane? Am I losing my mind? My soul began screaming, so loud my ears started tingling.

My hands begin to move. Am I losing physical control? As though they have a mind of their own, my hands reach out for help; suddenly they came together in prayer.

We enter this universe pure, whole, and innocent. Overexposed to a world of greed and lust, leave one true self broken into pieces. We live for the sake of mending but by ourselves that’s unrealistic. We reach out to others, looking for a remedy? Most often friends and family don’t know how to help me. Who do you turn to?

An empty life, unfulfilled, going nowhere fast, a crooked path; Guilt and pain, feels like hell. I had a breakthrough, only after I broke down. That’s when I found my joy; when I turned back to the Lord. That’s what it took to emerge from this broken state of mind. It humbled me, giving me the courage to reach out for help; no shame in that. I started with prayer, forgiving myself.

Evaporating – my soul floating away; can’t catch up to it. I got kicked out of my life. A life I no longer regret. The pressures, weight on my shoulders, knees bent, ankles shackled, no longer exist. Mind and soul – set free to live a life of joy with the Lord. Not having to live up to others’ expectations, faithful to God only, not man who God created.

In the beginning, God breathes life into man. Let God breathe life back into your weary mind. Start your life all over again. He’ll never leave you, let Him heal you. What can man do for you that God can’t do better, his help will last forever.

When you’re broken and a wreck; and your heart has shattered, unable to mend itself. Let God be that glue that re-unites you. Let God rescue you from you.

“Fear thou not; For I am with thee: be not dismayed: for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” – Isaiah 41: 10

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