We’re fucked:
It’s sad but true
Our pledges and protests
Have failed to keep
our blue planet blue
The colour of dust and flames
Will be all that remains
In a decade or two.

Fires rage through forests
Seas roar discontent
The point of no return
Is not in question
But a certain climactic
Catastrophic event
We had our chance
But we blew it.

Preferring procrastination and blame
Promises to save the earth flowed freely
But not within a realistic time frame
Outgunned by mother nature
It’s now too late for a quick fix
No time for incremental implementation
Scientific models overtaken
By a meteorological blitz.

Cold fusion, green hydrogen, eco-idealism
Solar, wind, tide, and wave
Were talked up
By green energy evangelists
Only to be disappointed
Time and time again.

Maybe the history books
Will tell the tale
Of brave efforts
To save our poisoned world
And who, if anyone, will survive
Our collective environmental suicide.

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