Blue Ring of Love


Blue Ring of Love
“What really is love between a man and a woman?

My heart had been swallowed up by a distant pain, but I decided to try again.
I found a blue ring of love.

There was a meeting of the eyes, and our hearts locked.
I said yes.  I made a commitment to feel.  This was different.
It was a blue ring of love.

Through many storms of pain I called out for a pure love.
I had lost my way, but regained it through your touch.
I found a blue ring of love.

I took what I had for granted.  I was foolish.
You came along and filled me with passion.  This time around, I will give it all I have.
I found a blue ring of love.

I was always looking for that special person.
Always longing but never finding.  Love seemed to pass me by like a ship in the night.
I found a blue ring of love.

I thought I knew a woman’s heart, but I really didn’t.
I hope you will take the time to explain it to me.
I found a Blue Ring of Love”

Written by LeRochelle – Copyright 2011

  1. Avatar of Cynthia Metcalf Miller
    Cynthia Metcalf Miller says

    This poem made me believe in love all over again. I can really feel the passion in your poem. I look forward to more from you. Much More. 🙂

  2. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    I agree with Rare Form there is passion which flutters up and down, with uncertainty. I wasn’t sure if you were writing about a girl and the girl received the blue ring of love. How beautiful to hear the ending and know it was the man searching for the right one. It made it double special. Nancy Good Job!

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