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Melodies from a Black Chant

he listened

as the men laughed
and preened
about their romantic successes

he went to the ancient one
for a love potion
that will bring
to his bed
his own love

seven red necked lizards
soaked in its own oils
with a ring
in the soil for seven nights
an assured night of passion
was promised

walking the village path
one moonlit night
he tapped a succulent waist
and led her
to his bed

the dawn broke warm and golden
he turned to see
his catch
she smiled
her teeth by dozen more than
the required number
and her laugh
was like a
horse in labour.

my mother-in law

could be very nice
she has a twinkle
in her eyes
as she greets you prettily
would cheerfully
give you pounded yam

she takes pride in telling
you how literate and enlightened
she is,
but is quick to add
she is close to our traditions

it was the reason
that she came from her
last trip from
the village
with a new wife
for her son
and a mate for me.

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