Birth of a Son

Father - 1921

It took a little girl
to wipe my forehead
It took a little girl to place
a cold wet cloth
on my face,
a little girl to squeeze my
hand, and reach up, to touch
my face.

It took a little girl to fluff a
tear drenched pillow
beneath my head.
A little girl who sat patiently
at the edge of a feather bed,
before the screams – before
Papa left between contractions.

PaPa peeked through a door-
way – had his child been born?

It took a little girl to heat the towels
and place them beneath by back,
It took a little girl to rub my feet,
and place white porcelain buckets
at the bottom of my bed.

It took a little girl to help me push
and she stared and wrinkled her nose.

A little girl whose eye’s were
filled with tears, ran to the window
announcing you were here.
“What Brought You Here?”
page 45 – 46
Nancy Duci Denofio
© 2010 all rights reserved

  1. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Nancy, thanks once again for your fine and perceptive work, and for additional glimpses into enlightening moments of life.

  2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Hi Andrew, these were the words for my Grandmother – back in 1921 – told to me, like many others, concerning her life – her times. Sincerely, Nancy

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