Between Dusk And Dawn There Sleeps The Night


Between Dusk And Dawn

Between Dusk And Dawn

They ask why I like the night?
Why I shun the day and the light?
And what can I really say in answer?
Can I say that the world is a cancer?

A growth so malignant that I abhor it.
A sickness so horrible that when lit –
By the daylight sun it looks foul. . .
Something one finds inside the bowel?

Should I say, that darkness hides this?
Covers it with shades, whatever it is?
And makes it dull, numb and mute. . .
So that it obscures the causative root –

Which I suspect to be me and you?
Should I say that? Speak what is true?
That I like the night, for I hate man,
Man whose soul is visible in the sun. . .

Homo Sapiens who crawls out in the day,
Odious specimen of the sun’s lewd ray,
Like a diurnal predator ready to hunt,
With its shifty eyes and blunt –

Mind, it seeks victims everywhere. . .
Finding them in every nook and every lair.
And that is why I prefer the nocturnal –
Activity cycle, far from the call –

And notice of mankind, safe and hidden. . .
But, can I say all that unbidden?
Asked only to give a simple shrug,
As though I am an unthinking bug?

I like the night, yes, quite so!
At night, nothing seems to grow. . .
Least of all my outrage at the world,
No matter how dark or how cold –

The Earth seems to become. . .
At night, without light, I am –
Not aware of any of it at all!
No matter how far we seem to fall.

At night I am blinded by the black. . . .
It is that feature that day seems to lack;
For me. . . the sun shows the grime,
In the daylight one can spot every crime,

But I like the night, its dark pacifies,
The night hides all the terrible lies. . .
The night is pure, and innocent,
Only at night can I find atonement.

So speak to me no more of day. . .
Or of the dreaded sunray!
Ask me no more why I like the night. . .
For I cannot answer without a fight!

I cannot say without insulting mankind,
I cannot explain why at night I can find –
Peace and amnesia to the world today. . .
For me, the night washes our sins away.

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