Between Breaths


Between Breaths

Between Breaths

Between breaths
I try to hear myself
The echoes of my soul bound not by anything of this earthly realm…
Between breaths
I look to find my truest self…
The tears have washed over me, cold against my cheek, exposed
Between breaths
I second guess my place…
This is such a waste…waste of emotion frozen over…suspended

Between breaths
I try to remember the love that was, can no longer be rekindled
I am changing, and not necessarily for anyone’s betterment

Between breaths
I try to catch myself
Flailing in the winds of indecision and back to earth…shattered ground below
Sky above…

Between breaths
There is forgiveness
I am trying to forget those things that cannot be changed, and change those things that can
I comprehend and feel this need
This needs to be…me

Between breaths, sweet revelations cover the wounds of my past
But I have to remember…to breathe
Between breaths…is where I live, therein is the seat of grace
Giving me exhortation for all of the past mistakes

Between breaths, I am learning to live…and not just exist
Seeking solace
Between breaths

  1. Avatar of Andy Bachman
    Andy Bachman says

    A fine piece of poetry, dear Laurie. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Avatar of Eva Blaskovic
    Eva Blaskovic says

    A powerful piece, Laurie, and beautifully written.

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