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Bench, Lost and Found

Bench, Lost and Found
While we are walking I’m thinking of a bench
Where we can sit…
Some other bench
Where you can hold my hand
Perhaps we can talk
Carelessly, about future that has arrived
Don’t talk about past
It is lost
Oh, how meaningful and kind this
Distorted future is:
The present
The presence
Of you smile
The absence of the words
…And we lasted
We lasted longer then we intended to
When we swore to each other that
We’d last forever…
Don’t say a word
Trieste Sky is our home and the
Fiume riverbank a little map, perhaps the lungomare,
Down, a little bit further
Down your memories stream
Do you remember that wind?
Now is a future
The future
We talked about,
Let’s now just sit
Without plans
Without future
Let’s sit and
Hold hands.

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