A Ballad Cantata For Audrey Kessedjian


Audrey Kessedjian
I find myself alone at midnight, outside

And find a living heart beating on the ground

Pathetic and alone, I kneel at its side

It makes a pitiful almost crying sound

It sings in its blood of a loss vast and wide

“Tell me who lost you?” I ask at last

But the heart keeps beating, its pain contagious

I feel the sensation reach my own chest

Then I feel the void as I am somehow less

It is my own heart ripped from my living breast

I reach for the lost organ to take it back

But it is a phantom, the ground is empty

My chest is hollow, I am an empty sack

The night is cold, and no warm blood fills me

I look around and my feet have left no tracks

Pale glowing fog illuminates where I am

I hear then a voice in the thick fog, distant

Song of deep longing, breaking waves on a dam

Urging me to embrace, to run, but I can’t

I am too weak to move so much as a gram

I am frozen by the sound of that remote voice

Then… whisper in my ear, beating of my heart

I can breathe, a woman’s fingers in gentle noise

With vocal touch have caressed me to a start

To hear Audrey Kessedjian…then die in poise.

October 11, 2010 – Konrad Tademar

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