Aucto Emetic


Intrepid surveyors of the dream realms

Aucto, aucto, aucto – emetic
Pre-frontal cortex damaged intellectuals
Psychopaths running the modern world

Hey you! Post-modern denizens of the global elite
I am watching you! I am watching you! – You… Yes I am!
You think you can all be so smug with people’s lives?
So arrogant you are beyond the reach of guilt?

So confident that you can just walk all over us
I know you can.  I know you can. I know you can – and you are…
But do you know that the dreams you have
Are monitored by that which you discount as mere fantasy?

Are you really so naïve, so self deluded, so arrogantly smug
So cocky, so cocky, so cocky – like a rooster
That simply because you disbelieve in God
And have the evidence to prove he doesn’t exist

That God won’t judge you anyway?
God is an idea. God is an idea. God is an idea, and ideas are real.
That’s what is so amusing about mere mortals
They always think they have an angle…

Keep at it then, really, go on, play your games
Destroy our world, destroy, destroy, shatter and smash
In the end, your own victims will be the witnesses
Who will impeach you before a jury of your own conscience

Resurrected in a future computer system, like a dream-video-file
On an endless loop, loop, loop, increasing ad nausea exponentially
To do penance as content for a child’s 3d video game.
A kind of hectic high-def point of view porn, in vivid Aucto Emetic.

August 18, 2011 – Konrad Tademar

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