As Life Goes On


As Life Goes On

As Life Goes On

God…to have lost ones true North.
How could one imagine…Surviving?

Lost in a World, no one understands
or maybe never have been before.

Where there is much Mystery…as one Wonders,
like a Child having to learn all over again
how to live from Day to Day.
As there is no Yesterday, and Tomorrow is God’s.

One can only begin to focus on the Present.
Is any of this a Dream
or is it just a Nightmare?

Where…One’s Thoughts are Lost
on the Sea of Life,
moving with the Tides,
without Compass or Rudder.

As if Time has stood still.
Does one just Float with the Tides,
or Pray to God to have the Courage
to go beyond the Darkness into the Light?

The Peace & Joy to see things…
that others may never come to know or understand,
makes one feel alone in a Crowd.
For all others see You as Strange and Different.

Since you have become one
with the Creator of all Life.
As you’ve been given the Keys
to His Eternal Knowledge & Wisdom.
For all is Shared and can not be bought…
for it’s Priceless.

Since all needs are met
and there is no Pain or Death…
just Eternal Life.

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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    We all wonder about death, peace – if one passes, yet wondering about those who are left behind. A mystery some of us have seen as a bright light brings relatives back, and they push you, to return – it wasn’t your time. This is what I find so interesting in your poem. Thanks, Nancy

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