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Array of X Choices

It’s universally true that opposites attract,

Noticing some hot magnetic energy,
One lost friends is going to be on the scene soon,
There’s your link that will connect to several opportunities,

Look there’s hopes for greater wealth and a hotter romance
We’ll be overwhelmed by the array of choices
Happy embarrassment of riches will delight most,
With an eagle eye out for any form in a lift as clarity

Oh that’s when these circular opportunities took possession.
You’re questioning many aspects of your existence,
Oh yes ready to share with someone special,
There in especially the professional life connected, special.

Oh yes ready to share with the lady in choice a special,
The long haul only a quarter of the way aspects of your existence,
The starting of something big in the future, that someone special
These eclipse patterns stir up the winds of change.

This experiences some major new direction you feel the need to take.
Yes a child in a candy store, and will be overwhelmed to your heart,
Indulge in whatever brings the lives into maximum enjoyment.

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