Are You Coming Back?


Are You Coming Back

Are You Coming Back

What are you doing?
Where will you go?
Will you come back?
We simply don’t know

Why are you leaving?
What did we do?
We can do better
We’ll be good; it’s true

I don’t understand the hurt in your eyes
We’re your children
Shouldn’t you smile?

Look what we drew you
Would you like to see?
Our handprints and footprints
For your memories

We said please and thank you
And did the right thing
We remember the words
For forgiveness of sin

We’re really not hungry
We won’t eat that much
We’ll share a banana
Just share your touch

Please don’t leave us
Put down your case
Unpack your clothes
We’ll make you a cake

We know it’s not your birthday
But we love you, you see
We just want you to love us
Can you do that please?

This poem was inspired after my visit with the children at the Pythian Home in Weatherford, TX.  Some children don’t leave until they graduate college. Though the children I spent time with are loved, happy, and healthy, I couldn’t help wondering what runs through the mind of a child that’s dropped off at a home but isn’t picked up for some time, if ever.

  1. Avatar of Christina G.
    Christina G. says

    This was an awesome way to honor those children in pain. Some of them don’t have the words to express what you did so well here!

    1. Avatar of Amanda MThrasher
      Amanda MThrasher says

      Thank you Christina,

      I appreciate you kind words and know exactly what you mean, it broke my heart. Even though the children I visited with were beautiful, healthy, and loved, I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew why they were there.

      All my best,

  2. Avatar of Kathleen M. Rodgers
    Kathleen M. Rodgers says


    Your poem captures so much! I saw the photos of you at the Pythian Home and I know you touched many lives there. The children seemed to gravitate toward you!

    1. Avatar of Amanda MThrasher
      Amanda MThrasher says

      Kathleen they were awesome!

      Thank you for reading my poem. I just wondered if they wondered, “Why me?” “Why am I here?” They all attend public school and come home to a castle, in a fantasy world it would be ideal. But surely they still want to go home.

      I appreciate your time and kind words.


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