Are Diamonds Forever?


He said I will love you forever

Stars in her eyes
She danced to the rhythm
Are diamonds forever?

He said
I will take you to the stars
And build you castles of gold
She lived amongst the finery
Of his skilful words

Now tis past the witching hour
The birds roost
The moon silvers
Her lonely watch
She heard his
Drunken shuffle home
Her tears as bright
As the diamonds
He said are forever
The bills pile
And mock the
Promise of furs
Unqualified she waits
On his labourer’s wage
On the highway of wealth
They had in foolish passion
Detoured into the pits of poverty

Sulks and silences
Hunger and hate
Pain and worry
Becomes the fruits
Of their haste
To eat unripe
The gifts of life
The silent screams
Thunders through
And mocks at them
Are diamonds forever?
Will love last the day?
When kisses are not worth
The word of the lover?
Tell me child
Are diamonds forever
When your tomorrow
Is now slave to the
Errors of a hasty yesterday?

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